My Workshop

Daniel Trammer Artist Painter born July 6, 1961 in Brussels son of German watercolorist, working in France, 44500 La Baule, and Belgium Tounai. With more than 35 years of experience in the field of art and studies of the old masters, and after reproducing and following the technique of most great works. I present you the magnificent Aristocratic portraits assimilated to the character and the physical aspect of the dog. My beginnings in painting were more specifically the painting "animal genre" and old portraits, later I specialized in the portrait and painting of "genre" landscapes, flowers, marine, and reproduction of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries because a strong demand such as: PPRubens, Meynier, JLDavid, JADIngre, going towards the impressionists, (Van Gogh, Monet, millet, Renoir,) and surrealist such as Picasso, S.Dali etc ......

My parcour

Daniel Trammer: Works for a gallery in Brussels
- Paintings exclusively animal
- Exhibition in Martigny (Switzerland)
- Exhibition in Brussels City Hotel
- Work under contract for Châteauteau Beauval in Mons (Belgium) that it will fully decorate (murals, ceilings, doors above, prestigious paintings, trompe l'oeil, large)
- Collective exhibition in; Nivelles (Belqique) on the set theme; Carnival of Venice (1 Audience Award)
- Perfect style and his compositions
- Opening of the gallery D. Trammer walk Pouliguen; (Loire Atlantique)
- Opening of the gallery La Baule (Loire Atlantique)
- I mainly work in my studio in Belgium and France and working on orders dogs' heads portraits and other compositions.

Information :

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44510 Le Pouliguen

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 daniel trammer