Terms and conditions

Rule # 1

General clauses

My sales are subject to these general conditions which prevail on all conditions of purchase unless written exemption and express my part.Commandes. Orders can be sent to the Gallery via the website, by email or mail. I will mail to the address you have communicated to me, all the tables on your order, with the exception of those who will not be available from the receipt of the order date. These will later be shipped as soon disponibilité.Les tables are provided at the prices shown on my website with authenticity and quotation DROUOT supporting certificate, with a deposit of 40% to the order receipt, and balance before shipping this order.

Rule # 2

The terms of performance of the work can be varied from 3 weeks to 4 weeks,

this is original works so dependent on several factors: time of brightness since I work during daylight +/- 6 hours a day and also drying,

since I only use natural pigments and oil amber drying can also take 3 to 4 days to hit, and I have to make sure that the paint be dry before

packaging by me

Daniel Trammer